Planet Wrap

Why beeswax wraps?


How do I use my wraps?


What are my wraps made of?

100% cotton, locally sourced beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin


Where does the wax come from?

All of our wax is locally sourced from around Calgary, most of our wax comes from Greidanus Honey Mill in High River, Alberta.


How big are the wraps that come in a pack?

We sell the wraps in a variety pack - 1 each of 7x7 inches, 10x10 inches and 13x13 inches


How do I clean my wraps?

The are very antimicrobial and can be rinsed with cold water and when needed just a little mild dish soap.


What are the benefits of using beeswax wraps?

 There are 2 purposes for this product - reducing plastic waste and also reducing food waste.  The reduction of plastic waste is the obvious one but reducing food waste not so obvious. The wraps allow your food to breath and also because of what we put into them they actually have a preservative effect on your food. 


My wraps are stiff and aren’t sticking very well, what can I do?


How long can I use my wraps?

They should last a year or more as long as they are treated with love, we have some that are almost 2 years old and going strong.


Can I put my wraps in the dishwasher?

No, please wash the wraps by hand with cool water and if you feel neccesary a bit of mild dish soap. The wraps will last longer the less you use heat and soap on them.


Can I use my wraps in the microwave?

Not unless you want to enjoy a nice bowl of wax filled leftovers! Please do not heat your wraps in the microwave or use to cover food, it will melt. 


Where can I get more wraps?

We have a permanent location at Avenida Food Hall, we also have many pop up locations throughout the year. Check out our Contact Us page for more information.


What do I do when my wrap is at the end of its life?

If you feel that your wrap has served you well, you can cut it into strips and put it in your compost. 


Will my food smell like beeswax?

No the flavour will not transfer over from the wrap to your food, if you are worreid the wrap will start to taste like the food you are wrapping it is not an issue EXCEPT with onions, we have a specific "onion wrap" at home just for that purpose.

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